Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Santa's Workshop

My little Santa's Workshop has been busy for the last several weeks.  That's why there hasn't been a post on this site in quite some time.  Before Christmas is over I felt I should show a little of what I've been doing locked in my Workshop (Studio/Sewing Room) at night.

I had a few orders for neckwarmers.  This is one that a friend had asked for to give as a gift to her sister.

It's knit from a dark purple brushed Baby Alpaca.

This one was ordered by my beautician for herself.  I ended up just giving it to her as a Christmas gift.

I didn't get a picture of it finished before I gave it to her, but it's a black ruffled neckwarmer with silver buttons.  Just like the dark purple above.

My mother had requested an apron for Christmas about a month ago, and actually picked out the fabric that she wanted it made from.

She picked out the black floral.  I then found these other fabrics that coordinated and I had this good lace that I knew I could incorporate in some way.

The apron is almost done.  I will get it finished tonight. I'll be sure to get a picture of the finished product.
I always worry a little in making something that someone has specifically ordered in fear that it won't turn out as they imagined.  If someone is paying me I feel an obligation to  get it exactly right and then always let them know that they are not obligated to buy it if it's not what they wanted.  So far no one has refused anything.  I really prefer to make what I like and if someone wants to buy it, great.

I also made a chunky neckwarmer for my Mother-in-law to match the hat I gave to her.

Here's the hat.  Still need to take a picture of the matching neckwarmer.  I gave her the hat already and now will need to mail the neckwarmer to her.

And I'm still working on the black hooded sweater requested by my son.  It's not going to be finished for Christmas.  Maybe for his birthday in April.  It's something I work on in between other projects.

Can't tell much from this picture.  Black is very hard to work with, too, because it's hard to see.

I wish I could get a lot more done.  Maybe if I had elf helpers!  Oh well!!
Merry Christmas!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Quilt Tour

Less than two weeks now until Christmas and I love to have all the decorating and preparations almost complete by now so I can sit back and enjoy it all.  On my other site you can see the decorations inside and out and all the trees I put up.  I also have several quilts and pillows that I have made over the years for Christmas.  They come out of the closet for about one month a year, so here they are.

This is a very small quilt that sits on a table at the top landing of my staircase.  The quilted poinsettias are 3D.  They are only attached to the quilt at the center of each flower.

The "Joy" wallhanging is made to look like stained glass.  It hangs in my shoe and purse loft guest room

Here's a pillow that goes with it.

This is a flannel rag pillow.  The seams are all on the outside and then are frayed.

This is made from a darling red toile winter scene.  I also made the pillow behind it that is a hand quilted design.

A bargello design that hangs on a quilt hanger in the upstairs hallway.

Trying to get a full view of same quilt from first floor

A reversible table runner on my living room coffee table that my ceramic manger scene sits on.  It reverses to autumn colors.

Hope you enjoyed my little Christmas quilt tour.  I hope to have at least one new one next year.