Sunday, February 7, 2010

Please Read! Don't Want to Lose You

I'm making a few updates and changes.  I'm always re-decorating my house and now that's what I'm doing with my blogs.  I've had two blogs for almost a year now and I'm finding it too difficult to keep up with both.  I'm still going to show what I do, but I'm going to put everything under my main blog:  I won't take this site down because I have a lot of pictures on it that I don't want to lose.  But since knitting, sewing and crafts are such a part of who I, Grandma Nina, am about, there is no need to separate.  I'll still have a link to this on my  "Grandma Nina"  blog if you're interested in looking back at some of my things.
Now with the pages widget on blogs, I will have a page of My Charming Creations. Just mostly  pictures.  I also still have my Etsy shop: .   I hope you can also visit me there.  I really need to consolidate my blogs, and so also my life.
Thank you to all that have followed me here.  For those that did not also follow my other blog, I hope you will move over there.  Thank you for all your support and comments.  I'm not going away, just moving.