Friday, May 22, 2009

"My Heart Belongs to the Sea"

This is another one of my miniatures. I've always liked this Storm at Sea pattern and wanted to try it in miniature. Notice the pink heart in the lower right corner. The reason for the name, "My Heart Belongs to the Sea" . The total size is 17"x 17".
Each square is 3", and each 3" square consists of 28 pieces.
This quilt won first place in the miniature division at the Cook Forest Quilt Show here in PA.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Almost Baby

I've been knitting this little baby onesie for a couple of months now. My new blogging habit has taken up some of my knitting time. Today I finished all the sections, now I'm ready to trim, block, sew the seams and embellish. This pattern is from an absolutely darling pattern book by Debby Ware called "Too Cute!" and they are.

Since my daughter-in-law, Diana, and my son, Brandon, don't want to know ahead of time whether it's a boy or girl, this has blue, pink and green in it. I got it covered. The baby is due on June 8, but we think and hope it will be a little early.

I'm making size 3 months, so it will be perfect for fall. I'm getting so excited! This will be my 3rd grandchild. I already have 2 boys, but I really don't care if this is a boy or girl. I'll keep you updated on the onesie and the baby.

Monday, May 11, 2009

My Charming Miniatures

I wanted to show some of my miniature quilts. I found miniatures to be so much fun to do and the more I did the more I challenged myself to see how small I could make the pieces and see how accurate I could be in piecing them together.

This was the very first miniature I made. It was just a simple nine patch that I put sashing in between and then one border, with ribbon used for the cornerstones. The squares are 1-1/2". I use this little quilt now to pin my quilt show pins to. It hangs in my sewing room.

Here is a close up.

This was probably the most difficult miniature I've made to date. I entered this one in the Lancaster Quilt Show in 2006 and received an Honorable Mention. It's such a hassle to enter a quilt that I haven't entered any more since. I called this quilt "Pineapples In My Garden" This picture didn't turn out so clear, though. The total size is 15-1/2"x 17-1/2". It's foundation pieced, hand appliqued flowers, embellished with beads in the middle of the yo-yo flowers, hand embroidered vine. The main quilt is machine quilted and hand quilted around the flowers.

Here is a close up.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A-Line Coat

This is one of my favorites as far as actually wearing what I've made. I wear this all the time.
It's perfect for Pennsylvania fall and spring weather. And it looks good with jeans or a peasant type skirt. The length hits about mid thigh and the cream color of course goes with everything.
The pattern is from Knit Simple magazine, winter 2008/09, and I used Burly Spun 100% wool by Brown Sheep Company. The buttons are plastic shower rings that are crocheted around. Even though it's the beginning of May, we've had some cool and rainy weather, so I don't want to put it away in my winter storage yet.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Baby Quilt Done

I finally got this baby quilt finished. And just in time. I finished the binding on Saturday night, and the baby shower was Sunday afternoon. This is for my 3rd grandchild, due June 8. My son, Brandon, and his wife, Diane, didn't want to know the sex of the baby ahead of time, so the color theme is "Creme Brulee" . The backing is white minkie and it feels so good. Diana didn't want any cutesie pictures or pattern. She just wanted the color blocks and I think it looks sophisticated and babyish at the same time.

Here's a closer view.
Now, back to knitting the cute little onesie. I went with blue, pink, and mint green for that.