Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Start of my Gallery

I spend so much time quilting, knitting, some cross stitching, etc. I've entered my quilts in several quilt shows, (and have won several ribbons), but I kind of got tired of lugging these quilts all over the place. I decorate with them and have them displayed all over my house and I miss them when they are gone for days at a time. I also knit quite obsessively lately. More so in the winter than in the summer. Since I have a new grand baby due in a month and a half, baby clothes are the current obsession. I'm also just about finished with a baby quilt. So I came up with this brilliant idea, since I just got a new digital camera, to show my wares on a site. I hope others enjoy, and I don't have to leave the house. More time to quilt and knit, right? I feel it's also a great way to keep a "journal" of my creations.

I use this quilt as a centerpiece tablecloth on my dining room table in the spring and summer.

This quilt hangs next to my wine cabinet. The fabric used in the fans is wine theme fabric, with wine bottles, corks, etc. This is a "Stack "N Whack technique. If you can look closely at the close up below, each blade of the fan is cut from the same exact image in the fabric.

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  1. Your quilts are lovely and I think this is a super idea -- keeping a log of your quilts and other creations. You might enjoy this other quilting blog: