Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Year - Need to Get Moving

I know, I'm really behind.  I've been posting on my other blog, but this one has been ignored a little.  Christmas and life got in the way.  I'm also really behind on my Etsy shop.  I just haven't had time to make too much new.  I realize I never showed the finished apron I made for my mother for Christmas.  It turned out cute.

I really need to show these aprons on a model or dress form.  Just laying them on the floor doesn't do justice.

Now that the Holidays are over, decorations put away, house  cleaned up and furniture moved back into place, and moving the kids (see other blog) is done --- I am now thinking of what I can make next.  I have the little teacup and notions picked out for my next pincushion.  I'm also knitting some hand warmers and a matching hat from some beautiful Grande Baby Alpaca.  I'm thinking of giving these to my DIL for her birthday at the end of the month.  See, this is my problem with Etsy.  I give a lot away.  Oh well, that's really more satisfying than selling it. 

If you've read my most recent post on my other blog, you know that I've recently found out that I have two more grandchildren due this summer.  You know what that means!  More baby knits and two more baby quilts.  I really need to hibernate for the next three months to get done what I want to get done.  Ohhh, hibernating sounds so nice!!  If that could only happen.


  1. Hi Nina! I wish I had more time to get my machine out to sew a little something or two, but I'm just glad to finally get even just a little crocheting in!.. It's about time, though, since the move, and I'm really enjoying it again!.. Congratulations on the new grandchildren who will be pitter-pattering into your lives soon! This is wonderful news, and I'm so happy for you! Hmmm... Maybe you better get all the hibernating in, while you CAN!!! (0; You never know when you'll be called in for active duty! ~tina

  2. Love the apron - I know, I know, I love all aprons but I really like the fabric you've used on this one and the touch of lace. blessings, marlene

  3. The apron turned out lovely! It is much better to see the things you've made be worn by those you love.

    Can't wait to see what you make for the new babies! Speaking of new babies... Have you checked out my pics on FB? Brady came Friday night!