Thursday, June 11, 2009

Framed mini's for sale some day

Here are two of my "charming creations" that I am considering selling on Etsy. I just haven't had time yet to study and set up my Etsy store. I'm going to work on that as soon as I get a chance. I love making miniature quilts and like to be creative with these mini's. I like to embellish with beads, charms and lace. These little 3-4" quilts are attached to a cross stitch cloth, then I cross stitch a saying or word that fits the pattern, add a little lace border, and frame in a 5x7 frame.

"Star of Bethlehem"

"Star of Bethlehem" close-up

"Desert Rose"

"Desert Rose" close up


  1. What a neat way to make some extra cash! You have some beautiful crafts. You could probably sell them at a local country craft/gift shop. Maybe with baby's name? Hey, you could be a local celeb!

  2. Lily, Good ideas! I just don't know yet if I can get up the ambition to turn a hobby into a business. It may ruin the fun of the hobby. This is the debate I have with myself.

  3. I agree with Lily and love your work ,there's an award waiting for you come see.