Sunday, June 28, 2009

Out Comes the Pink

My new grandbaby was born May 30 and now we know it's a girl! Riley Loren. So I wanted to add the pink flowers I had already made ahead of time to the green sweater set. I crocheted a bunch of pink flowers to have on hand so I could sew them onto anything that needed to be "girlied" up a little.

I finished this little green set and posted it on April 30. You can see the difference a little bit of pink makes. I crocheted pink trim around the sweater, added a pink flower to the hat, and replaced the yellow pom-pom with a pink flower on the bootie. I still need to make the 2nd bootie. This set is a size 3-6 month, so I still have time.

I also finally finished the booties that are attached with buttons to this onesie that I originally posted on June 8. This is supposed to be a 0-3 month, but it looks bigger than that. Riley is only 3 weeks old and is growing fast, so it's possible by 3 months it will fit.

I just started knitting a pink baby sweater. I can actually go with all out pink now. Love it! So far this little girl has so many clothes she can wear a different outfit every day. Baby girl clothes are so much fun. It's like playing with a real life baby doll. I also made a baby quilt posted on May 4, and I have more of the same fabrics to make a valance for her nursery window. They'll be moving into their new apartment in Spokane on July 26, so I'll have it ready by then.


  1. How ADOARBLE a touch ... she's a beauty. Congrats! TTFN ~ Marydon

  2. I absolutely love the color combinations on the sweater set! I love them all. Nothing is prettier than a baby girl in Grandma's knitting!

  3. What an absolute doll!!! I know you are just so thrilled...and the things you have made are just gorgeous.

  4. BEAUTIFUL! I love everything even kiddo.I have 2 AWARDS for you come see.

  5. Ilove your new background.I've been itching to change mine and i pondered over this....I'll pick something else.