Friday, July 10, 2009

Works In Progress

I've got some new projects going. It seems I always have more ideas than time, but I like to keep them going in stages. I'm getting started on a project that I've always had in mind that I wanted to do and that is make vintage inspired and embellished aprons. I bought the material the other day for my first one. That's as far as I've gotten, but next free evening or weekend I'm going to make it. The main body of the apron will be this black background with the pink scrolls fabric. Then I think I'll put on a pocket or two with the pink striped. I also got some pink organza ribbon to add somewhere. Once I get started, ideas will come to me. I may sell these, we'll see how it goes.

This knitting project is going to be a pink baby sweater. The other baby clothes I've knitted had to be neutral, non gender colors because I had started them while my daughter in law was pregnant and they didn't want to know the sex ahead of time. Well now that we have our beautiful little baby girl, Riley, I went right out and bought pink yarn. I love pink anyway, can you tell? And now to have a girl is so much fun. I have started the back of the sweater and up to the back yoke. This yarn is so pretty. It's called "Cotton Kisses" by Plymouth Yarn. I'm making the 6-9 mos. size.

This project is almost finished. About another hour or so and I'll be done. You may remember the baby quilt I made from another post. The color scheme for the new nursery is beiges, tans, and off whites. I've had the quilt done for a while. Well, they'll be moving into their new apartment in Spokane in a couple of weeks and I wanted to make a window valance to match the quilt and other bedding.
So I went back to the quilt store and bought more of the same fabrics and made this valance.

Here's a close-up view to see the fabrics used. Notice the first border fabric. It's a white on white print, but the print is a baby motif. Probably no one will ever notice this as you have to look pretty close, but Dee (DIL) and I know it's there.
I would love to go up to my sewing room right now and work on these projects for the rest of the evening (it's 4:00 pm), but it's Friday and I try to reserve Friday nights for My Bob. We have dinner reservations at 6:30. Hopefully this weekend will provide some time if the grandsons don't come over and stay too long. I love for them to come visit, just not stay too long.


  1. You always find such lovely fabrics. I love what you have for the aprons, those are going to be beautiful. Hope you will post the first one you finish.

    The color of the pink yarn is so pretty, that is going to be a really cute little sweater.

    Maybe you can find a little quiet time this weekend to sew and relax.


  2. Well, don't keep us in stitches (sorry!), show us the finished items. Lovely thus far. TTFN ~Marydon

  3. I hope you have time to work on your projects this weekend! Twyla

  4. The aprons are going to look wonderful! I wish I had the time to dig out my sewing machine or knitting needles. Oh well, I guess I do have more fun in the barn.