Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Award, Thank You Charmine

Thank you, Charmine, for this adorable award. You are also one of my top ten so I pass right back to you. It feels so good to know that my ramblings that sometimes go on too long and my creations that bring me pure joy, are at least looked at by a few others.
The one rule is to pass on to my favorite top ten. I really can't do that. I have to pass on to all of you wonderfully creative people that are sweet enough to follow this blog of mine. So if you are one of my followers, please accept this award and please check out each other's sites if you aren't already familiar with them. I hope I'm not cheating by breaking the rule just a little, but that's the only way I can do it.
Thanks again, Charmine. I am very appreciative.


  1. Congrats! & TY for the offer. You deserve it. TTFN~ Marydon

  2. Congratulations Ms Nina...come to my blog and another one is waiting for you!


  3. Congrats! You are a favorite of mine too. I received this award and posted my list on Sunday. Good news... you're on it!

  4. CONGRATS! You are worth it Nina.regards etsy-check out their site for info,go also to community on the site,i found it helpful.

  5. Nina,
    Congratulations on the award. Your blog is always fun to read and you show us beautiful creations.
    By the way I love your header, that is great photo.