Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tired of Pillows

I'm watching Design Star finale. I'm not sure who I want to win. I guess I'm leaning toward Dan. So I'm going to get off this computer and knit while I watch the show.
Since this was the first weekend in a month that we've been home the entire weekend, I used the time to sew. I seem to be on a little pillow kick right now. I finished this 10" square little one today for Fall. I love the rich colors on it. The pumpkin is pieced like a small crazy quilt and I embellished with embroidery by hand. The quilting was done by machine.

Here is the back of the pillow.

I just listed it on my Etsy shop.

I'm tired of sewing for a little while, so back to the knitting needles. I may even actually have to go to bed earlier than usual tonight. I'm just plain tired.


  1. That is a cute little pillow, I love the colors for fall. I like the fabric you chose for the back, it would look good turned either way.

    Changing things around a little is always good. It keeps our perspective fresh. But then so does sleep and it sounds like you could use a little.


  2. Keep it up and one of these days you'll motivate me to dig out the needles!

  3. Very pretty. I love the fabric on the back!

  4. Found your blog through a quick search looking for a phone number for a shop in Smicksburg, PA. I love all of your stuff! Skimmed through both of your blogs...skimmed because I am at work, I'll look more later. I am from Dayton, PA, shop in Dubois quite often!

  5. What a great pillow! And the back is awesome! Thanks for sharing!