Friday, September 25, 2009

Can't Stay Caught Up

I know this is becoming a constant theme with me and I'm sorry to keep on about it, but I can't seem to get organized with my blogging and my Etsy shop.  I can't find a good routine and time schedule to get it all done.  I still have my two grandsons 3 days a week, so that isn't helping.  Next week I will only have them for 2 days and then their mother will be done working.  I think then I'll miss having them and will still ask to have them visit a few times a week.  Then week after next my DIL and 4 month old granddaughter, Riley, will be home from Spokane for 2 weeks.  I can't wait to see them.  Anyway, it's all for good reasons that I don't have more time and I won't give any of it up.  The only answer is to not sleep.

I did manage to get some knitted  fingerless gloves finished and listed on Etsy.  I have a matching scarf that I think I'll be listing today.

I also just made a mini quilted change purse.  I call this one "Guardian Angel".  It's about 4" square with a velcro closure on top, and it's lined.  I loved making these little mini squares and then making them into something.

I'll probably get this listed on Etsy tomorrow. 

I am also trying to finish up a pink baby sweater for Riley to have ready when they get here.  And Dee (DIL) asked me if I had the second green booty finished to match the sweater set I made before she was born.  The answer was, "No".  I have to finish this within the next week and a half, too, because Dee wants to get Riley's picture taken in this outfit I made while she's here.  I'm so flattered by that so that needs to get done.
See what I mean, one booty.  O.K. so I'm overwhelming myself by writing this all down. 
If I could just hole up for the next several days with no one bothering me, no cooking, cleaning, etc. I think I could do it.  Realistically that's not going to ever happen. 
Gotta get busy with all this.  Right now, though, I have to go blow the leaves off the driveway. 

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  1. Forget about us! Yeah, we'll miss you, but we'll also get over it. Take a week off... you deserve it. I know it's tough. We're addicted. But your plate is too full right now.

    I remember when you first posted the sweater outfit. It is adorable. Now, got off the computer and finish that bootie!

    See ya next week...