Friday, October 2, 2009

Computer Catch Up Day

Our lives are so computerized now, aren't they?  It's a rainy, cool day in Pennsylvania, My Bob is on the road today, and no grandkids today.  I've been sitting at my desk all day, getting papers organized, and caught up on all my web sites, e-mails, etc. 
I also finally got the quilted Guardian Angel change purse listed on Etsy.  (see previous post) I thought I'd get that done a week ago, but -----.
I finally finished the other green baby booty.  Dee, DIL, and Baby Riley, granddaughter, will be here on Tuesday.  I'm making progress on the pink baby sweater.  I HAVE to have it done by Tuesday, too. 
You would think that was enough to do, but Oh No, I have to always start something new!  I saw this yarn at my yarn store and had to have it.

For all you knitters out there, I'm sure you can relate.  Once I got the yarn home it kept staring at me as I was knitting that booty, so I had to pick it up and start the scarf I wanted to make with it.  This yarn is called Mini Mochi.  It's a thin, washable, wool.  I'm using two strands to mix up the rainbow colors and make it thicker.  It is so soft.  The pattern is a mock cable.  I love this yarn and colors.
You'd think that was enough going on, but Oh No.  I saw this insipiration for pincushions and I just had to make it last night. 

Isn't this adorable.  I'm hooked.  I'm looking through my teacup collection for my next future pincushion.  This particular cup is an antique shaving mug.  You can tell by the base.  It was made in Germany.  I'm going to get pink pearl head pins for in it. 
The last local Flea Market for the year is this weekend and I'm hoping to go tomorrow in search for perfect tea cups/soon to be pincushions.


  1. You have some beautiful knitted pieces on your blog, the colours are lovely.

  2. Cute pincushion and I love the yarn! So pretty! Are you heading to Hazen this weekend? I have a shower tomorrow AM and don't think that I am going to make it there this weekend. I am so not happy about that, but look at the money I will save!
    I agree, it seems as though we are living parallel lives! Too funny!

  3. Me again, I just had to go and look at your profile...we are the same age and my granddaughter, Kendall was also born on May 30th, this year. How strange is that?


  4. No wonder you're always trying to catch up... You keep finding more to do!

    Can't wait to see the pics of Riley in the sweater outfit!

  5. Good Saturday Morning! First I want to thank you so much for stopping by and for your kind words. I really appreciated it, and still do... Love the new yarn you've got, and the pincushion is so sweet!!! I am sad to see the season is drawing an end to all the yard sales, farmers markets, and the like.. Actually, I am going to a few sales this morning, with a friend, so we'll see what goodies I can come home with today! Just what I need when I'm moving, right?! (0; But it will certainly cheer me up, don't you think?!
    Have a wonderful weekend! ~tina

  6. I love the colour for your new wool and I'm looking forward to seeing your teacup pincushions .