Sunday, October 25, 2009

Old and New

I want to start this beautiful Sunday by saying that I wish I had the time to write on both of my blogs every day, and that is my goal, but right now I just don't seem to have the time.  I have to admit, though, that I just realized that between my two sites, this is now my 102nd post.  It adds up in six months.

Yesterday, Mom and I took the day to go furniture shopping, new and antique.  She's looking for new furniture for her family room and an antique night stand for her guest room.  I'm looking for an antique small coffee table for my tea room.  We struck out on all counts.
But---I was very excited about the teacups and vases that I found to either make into pincushions or just to add to my collections.

Antique tea cups (I think the little one in front is fairly new, but it's so cute)

I believe the one on the left is a small vase, as is the Imperial Glass
on the right.  The cup in the middle is a chocolate cup.

Here are the other teacups I've made into pincushions.

And miniature shoe

This little one is only about 1-1/2" high and 2" tall)

There's also the one from my previous post of October 10 (I can't believe it's been that long since I last wrote).  I'm having so much fun making these.  Picking out the fabric that best goes with the cup and choosing the different laces, ribbons, buttons and charms that seem to belong.

I  just finished another framed mini quilt.

This little quilt size is a little over 3" square, then mounted on linen, with the title "Reach for the Stars" cross stitched, bordered with lace on the top and bottom and framed in a 5x7 silver frame.  There is a star charm in the middle.

And I  finally finished my pastel rainbow scarf.

I made it 72" long and 3" wide so that there are many different ways of wrapping it or even making it into a bow.  This is a washable wool, very lightweight, so it lays so nice.  The knit stitch is a mock cable on one side.  I originally planned on putting this in my Etsy shop, but I think I might have to keep it for myself now.  I loved this yarn so much that I got some more and just started a "Kisses and Hugs" cable pattern headband to go with it.

It's a good thing this is only a headband and won't be very long because I really have to pay attention to the pattern.  I've torn out many times already.  TIP - don't knit complicated patterns late at night when tired!

Each night I decide what it is I want to work on for the evening.  I have to have several different projects going at once because I tend to get bored easily.  I think I'm going to sit and knit tonight.


  1. I would have to keep a note pad and pen handy to do that pattern. I'd forget where I was! The scarf turned out lovely. Don't blame you for wanting to keep it! Love the new mini, too!

  2. What wonderful goodies you found Nina!! And I just love your creations ~ especially those teacup pincushions, I've made those too... Yours are just gorgeous! Thank you so much for stopping by to see me, xxoo, Dawn